If you are a U.S. citizen living or doing business in the Bahamas and need to file your taxes to be in compliance with FATCA and FBAR we can assist you. I am a Bahamian/American license CPA in both countries. 

If you own assets, have a bank account or have earned income you must comply. 

If you have not filed your taxes for years and want to become compliant let us assist you. 

Get Confidential FBAR & FATCA Tax Help From Trusted CPAs

Don’t feel alone if you’re dealing with foreign-account reporting obligations.

Filing requirements for complying with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are a constant challenge. Even with the best of intentions, you could find yourself in a dispute with the IRS or another revenue agency that carries serious consequences.

Get the help you need by working with the skilled negotiators at McKenzie CPA Group, Inc., led by Nathaniel McKenzie (CPA, and LLM in taxation). His team of accountants have helped clients from around the world resolve their FBAR & FATCA tax issues.

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What Are Your FATCA & FBAR Obligations?

FATCA provides for unprecedented IRS scrutiny of compliance with foreign-account requirements that can easily cause problems for unsuspecting taxpayers.

FATCA added new obligations for U.S. taxpayers holding offshore accounts to report those holdings to the IRS through intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) with more than 100 countries.

So, if you’re uncertain about how the disclosure requirements apply, we can help you identify your options and make a decision on the best course of action going forward.

Get Clear Next Steps for FATCA, FBAR, & Other Issues

Protect your investments and untangle the disclosure requirements that are causing you undue confusion by letting the team of of dual-licensed tax accountants and CPAs at The Nassau Group of Certified Public Accountants, Ltd., to help you today.

The Nassau Group of Certified Public Accountants, Ltd., can help you with common international tax problems such as:

· Filing      requirements

· Penalties      and violations

· Reporting      thresholds

· Voluntary      disclosures

· Investigations      and other international tax issues

No matter how the dispute arose with the IRS or another agency, what’s important now is to assert your interests and find a solution that makes sense for your situation. Let us help.

Protect Yourself and Your Foreign Assets

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