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- Florida -

$20 Million Stolen
Partial Recovery Achieved from Sale of Perpetrators’ Assets
Disgraced and Disbarred 

A prominent lawyer was trusted to management $20 million of his client trust account. The attorney stole all the trust assets through a myriad of shell companies. Our investigative work has led to us finding assets acquired from the proceeds in varies shell companies some in the Bahamas and Grand Cayman.

- New York -

$5 Million Stolen
Management Collided with Employees
Partial Recovery Achieved from Sale of Perpetrators’ Assets

A manufacturing company call us because they suspected malfeasance after the company auditor inform senior management that they saw checks that were made to vendors they were not familiar with. Our investigation revealed that the senior manager of the factory plant, created several companies to run fake invoices through and shifted some of the materials to his company for personal gain.  The investigation revealed that the manager and three other employees colluded for 5 years and caused their employer financial loss to the tune of $5 million.

- Florida –

$12 Million Stolen
Insurance Fraud
Partial Recovery Achieved from Bonding Insurance

Insurance company hired us after they suspected that a medical practice was billing them for dead patients and double billing for the same drugs. My background working in Medicaid Fraud Control Unit have assisted me in our investigation of 8 years of medical fake billing. The insurance company was able to recover  a significant amount of money through the medical practice bonded insurance coverage.

- Florida –

$1 Million Stolen
Home Association Fraud
Partial Recovery Achieved from Bonding Insurance

A new board was elected after 10 years of the old board. The new board wanted a forensic audit of the books for the prior 7 years so they did not want to inherited financial problems. We requested 7 years of bank statements, the accounting software (QuickBooks) in this case. After going through the bank statements and records for the association, our investigation revealed that the property manager had created several shell companies to funnels payments for services never rendered. The property management company was closed down and the owner was arrested and jailed.

- Florida -

$3 Million Stolen

Local City Government

Full Recovery Achieved From Forfeiture of His Pension

Local City Government Independent auditors discovered irregularities in the payroll department of a senior official.  The independent auditors recommended that the City hired a forensic auditor to further investigate and advise them on the next appropriate course of action.  We analyzed the payroll records along with records submitted to the IRS.  We corroborated our investigation with the independent auditors and made several recommendations to the City.  We were prepare a report showing how the senior manager fudge documents and stole $3 million.

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